LORE NINE is an award-winning game design and production independent studio.

We specialize in crafting alluring games with powerful storytelling that immerses and inspire individuals deeply in their wonder and causes on a personal level.

Late blossoms in an early Summer

In a life of ordinary, embrace an experience in a place of extraordinary. Spring in Summer is a 2.5D feel-good adventure game about a journey of connecting with the hearts of the mystical individuals of Myth’s Vale: a hidden-island city where mythical creatures gather in our modern times where humanity no longer needs myths and folklore. Meet Aithlin, an amnesic jackalope spirit who mysteriously enters your ordinary life to discover why she wasn’t able to transcend after her untimely death. Get ready to be transported with her to the extraordinary world of Myth’s Vale to help her unravel the mystery behind why she’s trapped as a spirit. Disguise yourself as a mythical creature, be a part of Myth’s Vale’s community and befriend its local wide cast of diverse and quirky characters, as well as their many fun cliques. 

Spring in Summer is a light-hearted feel-good experience in which you’ll find joy, sadness, and fulfillment being a part of the cast, the world, and the journey itself. Unweave relationships, make an impact on the lives of others, and fulfill your purpose in this extraordinary adventure!


Love and grief, beauty and darkness

Ada & Eve is a 3rd-person action-adventure, narrative-horror game in which aspects of love and dread from a past love story between two knights, Ada and Eve, shape the menacing elements of the ordeals ahead, in the dungeon known as the Tower of Eden. You incarnate Ada, and you’ll have to overcome the dreaded monsters and horrors within the Tower of Eden through procedural-generated critical elements stemming from the rekindling of non-linear narratives and events told through memories of the relationship between you and Eve, which has lasting impacts on the depths of the overall progression of the core game experience.

What does HOME mean to you?

HOME is a feel-good walking simulator experience in which you create your own poem and music. Embark on a poetic and musical heartwarming journey about what home means to you.






We dedicate ourselves to mastering the creation of evoking universalistic, humanistic, and individualistic depths and values possible only within the medium of games, with a mission to design game experiences that maximize and harmonize purposeful functionalities of storytelling, human-wisdom, and technologies into meaningful and thoughtful personal experiences.

For the good of our game’s medium, creators, and consumers, the games we create, no matter the circumstances must adhere to our philosophies and qualities of being universally enlightening, entertaining, and eternal; timeless.




Founded in 2018, we are passionate individuals committed to crafting games with excellence in storytelling and user-experiences with fulfilling purposes and meaningful player-individuality. We commit our work towards our 4Ds, Strong Direction, Designs, Details, and Depth, to bringing alluring titles that evoke deep senses for wonder, timelessness, emotional-power, intelligence, and wisdom.

It was our desire to develop a video game company that offered something a little different in the game medium, moving away from the concept of traditional game-designs and delivering quality gameplay-depths that relies on real-life-learned perspective storytelling, user-centric individual-qualities, and profound immersion that would ultimately lead to game experiences that would meaningfully last one’s lifetime, and towards the next generations. We want to ensure our game’s medium is truly a medium that is contributing to a positive future for all our individuals, humanity, and universe as a whole forward.

Our mission is to reach and push the highest-level of depths for user-immersive storytelling and philosophical experiences possible in video games, to craft a legacy that can forever bring knowledge and awareness to life’s introspections, finding and achieving a greater oneself, and inspire individuals to bring out their authentic personality and values to making a difference.